Positive, Holistic Energy Healing, Psychotherapy — Sessions via Skype, FB video call or Google + hangout

Counseling That Speaks With Your Whole ~ Heart, Body and Soul

I am a masters level Clinical Social Worker with seventeen years experience in psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’. For ten years I have been a student of metaphysics, natural healing (our innate well-being), consciousness, energy work, meditation and how to live with mindfulness. My focus is to help you live from and express your authentic self; to uncover your unique and natural path toward:

Feeling improvement, Relief, Inner Peace

Healing relationships, Dis-ease and Past Trauma

Increasing Mental Clarity

Empowering Your Dreams or Identifying Your Unique Life Purpose

Balance, grace, inner peace, loving kindness, contentment, forgiveness, decision making, owning responsibility, pursuing interests, manifesting dreams and creative growth are all attainable, essential parts of life that you deserve. Heal past wounds by rewriting your story; be present in your life, reclaim your personal power in the here and now. Learn techniques to turn negative thinking around and consciously choose better thoughts and improved outcomes for your life. Learn the infinite nature of possibility and how to tap into your Soul wisdom or Divine Intelligence for solutions to all problems.

Let me provide a safe and nourishing environment where you can heal, grow, unfold, befriend yourself and affirm your innate worthiness. In direct proportion to how  you value yourself you will intuit how to heal yourself. Be seen and heard. It is my privilege to walk beside you as you tap into your well of self competence. 

Reasons one may choose to seek talk therapy, spiritual counseling/guidance or life encouragement  –>

  • Life altering events or transitions. For example: death, divorce, break ups, moves, being away from home for the first time.
  • Support with grieving any significant loss
  • An increase in stress, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed — a desire to enhance stress management
  • Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD
  • Seeking more meaning and order in everyday life
  • Learning how to love and respect  oneself in order to improve the quality of your relationships
  • Desiring improved communication skills in all relationships
  • Pursuing goals, dreams, new quests and releasing fear. Fear is ~ False Evidence Appearing Real!
  • A desire to release old belief systems, self talk or messages that no longer serve
  • Assistance in understanding the nature of awakening, mindfulness or enlightenment
  • Releasing addictions


Please contact me at 720-841-1318 for further information, to answer specific questions or to schedule a Skype appointment.

Suggested Pricing —

$75.00 — 60 minute session

$100.00 — 90 minute session

Do not let cost keep you from seeking a session. Let’s discuss options. Things always work out for the best!

Blessings and love,

Karen Garrison MSSW, CMT