Expect Wellness and Health Instead of Illness

I always love this excerpt. It resonates. I see and hear people who easily, readily EXPECT illness, believe in its inevitability and dread it — much more than engaging with hope and  expecting wellness. Remind yourself, there is power in how we focus our thoughts, feelings and expectations.
Think wellness and health!


Abraham Hicks on The Medical Profession:

Not long ago, even during some of your life experiences, the medical profession was predominantly based upon those who sincerely believed in wellness, and whose dominant thought was toward wellness. And so when you interacted with them, it was toward a very powerful feeling of becoming well. From our observation, that has almost swung completely. Illness is now the game that is most thought about; illness brings dollars, dollars bring power.

And so there is very little health care; it is more illness care. There is very little wellness center, it is almost all sickness center. The names may be one or the other, but the emphasis is toward that. So much so that your society as a whole believes much more in illness than in wellness; the expectation of illness is many, many times greater than the expectation of wellness.

And so, we do not see technology as making the difference because attention to lack just perpetuates more lack. And so more technology is created, but the lack keeps outrunning it. Have you noticed that as soon as you discover a cure to one deadly disease, another deadly disease pops up? It is because the mass consciousness is much more focused toward illness than wellness. So it is not a technological improvement that is in your offing, it is a spiritual understanding, a coming into balance with self, a personal healing sort of thing.

It is not illness that kills you, it is attention to it, because it is your thought about something. Now, that’s hard for those who have something wrong to hear from us, because they say, If I did not have this treatment, it would get worse, and we say as long as your belief in the treatment is toward wellness, you will have wellness. Just do not let them convince you that anything is deadly, because nothing is except your belief about it.

~ Abraham-Hicks, Omaha, Sept. 28, 1991.